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Submitted by Sunil Gupta on Wed, 02/01/2013 - 12:41am

With the advent of computers in modern era, the Old Typewriter and Electronic Typewriter machines are getting obsolete and out of the culture day by day. More and more people especially young generation folks (though age is no bar and urge to learn new things/ technologies shall increase with age) are becoming computer savvy and are using computers for multiple purposes.

In the Govt. Organisations/corporations like ours, we deal with the files in our daily routines from morning to evening and management of these files & documents is gradually getting cumbersome due to reasons mentioned below:-

  1. Shortage of staff and most of the workforce not eager to learn new things & work on the computers.
  2. Increase in the volumes of data, documents and files.
  3. Needs to even maintain the printouts of soft copies/ emails as hard copy in the files for record purposes.
  4. Less recognition/awareness of the soft documents having digital signature and emailed documents sent from official email ids as valid document in Indian court of the law.

There can be lot many reasons and we need to have remedies to minimize/control the use of papers in the offices for efficient working:-

Few Practical Remedies:

  1. Dairy register and dispatch registers can be computerised to locate the documents easily and efficiently.
  2. The movements of the hard documents can be reduced by placing the documents at some centralised place and giving controlled access to the respective users.
  3. Faxes can be directly received in the PCs. May take the print out of needed documents only.

How this can be achieved and what other remedies are? Will be updated regularly and suggestions can be sent at [email protected]

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