(As Amended on 31.3.2012)


The name of the Association shall bePunjab State Electricity Board Engineers Association" and its headquarters shall be at 45, Ranjit Bagh, Passey Road, Near Modi Mandir, Patiala.

The name of the special Welfare fund by the Association shall bePSEB Engineers' Welfare Fund as distinct from other general funds of the Association and shall be mandatory for all members of the Association.


  1. To provide a common forum for discussion and exchange of views on various problems, technical and administrative working so for as these relate to or affect the Association and its Members, with a view to improving proficiency in Public Service.

  2. To inculcate and promote better understanding, mutual goodwill, co-operation, team spirit and high sense of duty among its members in the discharge of their responsibilities.

  3. To promote common interests, legitimate rights and act towards the redressal of genuine grievances of its members.

  4. To provide finance and other assistance to members from the PSEB Engineers' Welfare Fund, to the members who may got involved in some criminal proceedings while performing their official duties (except corruption cases) or have been victimatised due to Association activities.


  1. The membership of the Association shall be open to all Engineering Officers (AE to EIC) and Architect Officers (Asst. Arch. to Sr. Architect) in service of the Board and its successor entities. The officer shall continue to be a member of the Association even after his retirement from the service of the Board and its successor entities but without any voting rights. However, an office bearer as mentioned in clause 10, shall complete his/her term even if date of superannuation falls during the term of the executive.

  2. The membership of the “PSEB Engineers Welfare Fund” shall be mandatory for all members of the Association.


Other Engineers of prominence connected with Power Development may be invited to become Patrons of the Association.


  1. The enrolment fee shall be Rs. 1000/- out of which Rs. 500/- shall be towardsPSEB Engineers Welfare Fund.

  2. Every new member shall pay one time fee of Rs.2000/-.

  3. Under Extra-ordinary circumstances or for specific purposes, the Executive Committee is empowered to collect funds on adhoc basis. Non-compliance of Association directive in this regard shall be treated an act of indiscipline.


Members while in service of the Board and its successor entities shall enjoy following rights & perform duties as under:

  1. To be eligible for and to elect members to the Executive Committee of the Association from the membership of the PSEB Engineers' Association by exercising the right to vote, Right to vote shall entitle a member to cast one vote each in favour of 16 members in case of Direct Category and to elect one member each from the 16 Zonal Constituencies.

  2. To attend and participate in the deliberations of the General Meetings and symposia arranged by the Association.

  3. To put forward suggestions and proposals for consideration by the executive Committee in pursuance of the aims and objects of the Association.

  4. To submit complaints and to be heard by the Executive Committee for taking further action towards redressal of genuine grievances.

  5. To contribute towards PSEB Engineers' Association Welfare Fund and to be eligible for getting assistance as specified.


Executive Committee shall comprise maximum of 40 Executive Members. These Executive Members shall be elected as under:

  1. 16 Executive Members out of which minimum three shall be from PSTCL (provided there are three valid nominations) shall be elected by direct elections through secret ballot for which all eligible members shall have the right to vote. Nominations shall be invited by the Chief Election Officer through wide publicity.

  2. One Executive Member posted in a particular Zone shall be elected from each Zonal Constituency for which only members of that particular region shall vote. PSEB and its successor entities have been divided into 16 Zonal Constituencies for the purpose as under:

    1. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries of City/Sub Amritsar/Tarn Taran Circles.

    2. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Gurdaspur Circle and UBDC.

    3. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Jalandhar and Kapurthala Circles.

    4. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Bathinda and Muktsar Circles.

    5. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Ferozepur and Faridkot Circles.

    6. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries of Sangrur, Barnala and Patiala Op circles (except Head Office, Shakti Vihar, Thermal Design & Shakti Sadan & Ablowal).

    7. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries of Ropar / Mohali Circles and ASHP.

    8. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries Hoshiarpur and Nawanshahar circles.

    9. All Officers working in Geographical boundaries City(East)/City(West)/Sub Ludhiana, Khanna circles.

    10. All Officers working at GGSSTP Ropar.

    11. All Officers working at GNDTP Bathinda.

    12. All Officers working at GHTP Lehra Mohabbat

    13. All Officers working at Hydro Projects viz. RSD, Shahpur Kandi and MHP Talwara.

    14. All Officers working at Head Office, Shakti Sadan, Thermal Design, Shakti Vihar and Ablowal (Except Civil Organization).

    15. All Officers working in Civil Organization stationed at Patiala & Chandigarh.

    16. All Officers working in BBMB Offices and other offices stationed at Chandigarh.

Election shall be through secret ballot under the supervision of Chief Election officer or his representative. The nominations shall be invited by the Chief Election Officer.

  1. The outgoing President & General Secretary shall be ex-officio members of the Executive so as to maintain continuity, Secretary/Benevolent Fund shall also be ex-officio member of the Executive.

  2. Remaining vacancies shall be through co-option by the Executive so as to make a total strength not exceeding 40. While co-opting one member shall be NIPEF or AIPEF representative in case he is not among the elected representatives.


It shall consist of Patron (if any) President. Sr. Vice President, General Secretary of the Association and Six other Senior Engineers to be nominated by the Executive Committee. The Advisory council shall. advise the Executive Committee on various policy matters. The meeting shall be held at least once in 4 months and shall be convened by General Secretary. The Advisory Council shall be reconstituted within two months of formation of new executive.


  1. REGIONAL COMMITTEES consisting of 5 or more members shall be constituted at regional level. The election of such Committees shall be held after every two years and the executive Committee shall ensure the constitution of these committees. Regions for this purpose shall be:

    1. Geographical area within each 'Op' Circle: 18 Nos.

    2. G.G.S.S.T.P.Ropar: 1 No.

    3. G.N.D.T.P. Bathinda: 1 No.

    4. G:H.T.P.Lehra Mohabbat: 1 No.

                  1. Hydro Projects: 1 each for UBDC, RSD, MHP Talwara.

                  2. Head Office Patiala: 1 No.

                  3. Civil Orgn. BBMB & Others: 1 No.

This Regional Committee shall look after interest of members at regional level and shall meet at least once in 2 months. This Committee shall be responsible for tackling issues amongst the members of the region as well as problems of Engineers of that region upto the level of S.E. These regions can be sub divided in sub regions depending upon organizational requirements. Regional Secretary, elected by the Region, shall head this committee. Regional Secretary shall in turn report to Executive and shall be permanent invitee to the Extended Executive Committee Meetings. In such meetings Regional Secretary shall enjoy same rights and shall perform similar duties as has been vested in Executive Member. The executive members posted in each region shall be ex-offico members of the respective region. On the written request of more than 50% members of the region, the Regional Secretary shall call the meeting of the region spelling out the agenda of such meetings within one month of receiving the requisition. An imprest can be issued to Regional Secretary by Secretary/Finance for specific purposes.


Two members from each of the Regional Committee including Regional Secretary falling under a Zone shall constitute Zonal Committee. The Executive Members of that Zone shall be Ex-Officio members. Zonal Secretary shall be elected amongst these members & shall be permanent invitee to extended executive committee meetings. This Committee shall sort out issues at Chief Engineer's level. The regional committee of GGSSTP, GNDTP, GHTP, Head Office & Hydro Projects shall act as Zonal Committee as well.


  1. To elect President, Sr. Vice-President and General Secretary from amongst the Executive Members. President, Sr. Vice-President and General Secretary shall jointly decide other office bearers i.e. Vice-President, Secretary/Finance, Secretary/Publication, Organizing Secretary, Joint Secretaries etc. In case of any difference of opinion, the executive shall elect the other office bearers.

  2. To assume responsibilities for managing the affairs of the Association and incurring necessary expenditure for and on behalf of the members it represents in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association.

  3. To prepare the agenda, annual or special reports on Association affairs for consideration by members at General/Extra ordinary meetings.

  4. To make suggestions for amendments to the constitution for consideration by members at General Body Meetings or otherwise.

  5. To arrange and maintain proper and sufficient account of properties, funds, receipts and expenditure of the Association so that true financial position is exhibited at all times.

  6. To acquire and/or dispose of fixed assets of the Association (with the approval of the members in a general or extra ordinary meeting).

  7. To appoint/remove salaried staff, allot their duties and supervise the work of the office of the Association.

  8. To appoint Auditor(s) for auditing the Association accounts.

  9. To appoint a Chief Election Officer & maximum of two Election Officers for conducting Elections of members to the Executive Committee. A member desirous of contesting elections shall not however be appointed as a Chief Election Officer/election officers.

  10. To co-opt additional members of the Executive Committee as laid out in Para-7.

  11. To fill up by co-option vacancies in the Executive Committee caused during the term by resignation, far off transfer, long absence or otherwise.

  12. To appoint any sub-committees of person for carrying out any specific duties and delegate to such committee or person any of its duties and functions.

  13. To appoint a Technical Committee to be headed by a Sr. Engineer to suggest/conduct technical seminar/workshops on technical subjects so as to inculcate awareness amongst members of the latest technological concepts/ practices.

  14. To confer PATRONSHIP on other outstanding engineers.

  15. To adjudicate on all matters of disputes and issues involving conflict of interests between different members.

  16. To fix the rates for adhoc and regular contributions by members towards "PSEB Engineers Association Welfare Fund" from time to time.

  17. To determine the quantum and mode of assistance from PSEB Engineers Welfare Fund, in all cases on the recommendation of Regional Committee.

  18. Any other matter considered essential for furthering the cause of members.

  19. To Constitute a' Disciplinary Committee "to dispose of complaints of indiscipline on the part of members in order to strengthen the unity in the Association.

  20. To nominate/remove members of "PSEB Engineers Benevolent Fund" Committee as per the constitution of "PSEB Engineers Benevolent Fund"

  21. To nominate members of " Building Committee"



The President shall preside over all meeting of the Executive Committee and the Association. He shall exercise control over all Association activities in consultation with the Executive Committee. He shall pass all vouchers from Rs 10001/- to Rs. 20000/-. All vouchers above Rs. 20,000/- shall be signed jointly by President and General Secretary.

Senior Vice President /Vice President

The Senior Vice President and the Vice-President shall perform the functions of the President in his absence and shall assist him in his work.

General Secretary

  • The General Secretary shall administor all affairs of the Association.

  • He shall exercise general control over all assets/liabilities and funds of the Association. He shall pass all vouchers from Rs. 1001 to Rs. 10000.

  • He shall maintain the Membership Register of the Association.

  • He shall record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Association.

  • He shall also perform the duties of Secretary (Finance) and Secretary(Publications), whenever necessary.

  • He shall be responsible for Mtc./Upkeep and proper running of Engineers' Home under the overall supervision of Building Committee.

  • He shall keep the record of all the inventory of Engineers' Home and of Library Books/files or other record of the Association which he shall hand over to his successor duly recorded on the register of inventory and other record.

Joint Secretary

The Joint Secretaries shall assist the General Secretary in the discharge of his duties and officiate as General Secretary in his absence.

Secretary Finance

  • The Secretary Finance shall manage all assets/liabilities and funds of the Association and shall be personally responsible for the same.

  • He shall receive contributions, donations, and all ' other amounts against official receipts of the Association.

  • He shall make all payment and shall pass all vouchers upto Rs.1000/-

  • He shall maintain cash books and other account books of the Association in proper form and place the accounts every month before the General Secretary for the Scrutiny and getting approval of the Executive Committee after six months. He shall retain in hand only the amount necessary for current expenditure with approval of the General Secretary, however imprest can be issued to a member for, specific job with the approval of General Secretary.

Organizing Secretary

  • He shall look after the working of all Regional Committees and Zonal Committees. He shall be responsible for building up of organization and shall apprise the executive committee about the working of Regional/Zonal committees.

Secretary (Publications)

  • The Secretary (Publications) shall manage all publications of the Association including supervision of printing and cycle-styling work involved.

  • He shall be the Chief Editor of the periodical Bulletins of the Association.

  • He will also be responsible for arranging due publicity to the programmes and activities of the Association through different media.


    1. The Executive Committee shall meet frequently but at least once in 2 months for proper transaction of business of the Association.

    2. The Minimum quorum shall be of at least 12 members who shall be competent to take any decision & only Executive Member shall have voting rights.

    3. All members of the Executive are expected to attend Executive meetings. In case of inability due to some pressing reason, member should intimate the General Secretary in advance. In case any member does not attend three consecutive meetings without permission/intimation he shall be asked to explain. Membership of such member can be declared vacant if reply is not satisfactory.


  1. The General Body Meetings of the Association shall be held at least once in every 2 years at a suitable place and date as decided by the Executive Committee and giving at least 14 days notice to all members of the Association.

  2. An extra ordinary meeting may be convened by the General Secretary with the consent of the President or on the requisition of at least 200 members giving at least 15 days notice to members and setting out clearly the object of the proposed meeting.

  3. In the absence of President, Senior Vice-President and the Vice-President respectively, the members may choose any one of them to occupy the Chair for conducting the business of the meeting.

  4. All decisions at General body meeting shall be taken by majority vote. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman conducting the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

  5. The proceedings of the meeting shall be recorded by the General Secretary and signed by the Chairman as a mark of authentication.

  6. The quorum shall be 150 members at the commencement of business. In the absence of quorum upto one hour from the appointed time, the meeting may be dissolved or adjourned then held after least 24 hours have elapsed and at a place as may be decided by the Executive Committee.


    1. Any money received through membership subscriptions, donation grants or credits etc. shall form General Funds of the Association and shall be controlled and operated by the Executive Committee, in furtherance of the aims and objects of the Association. The expenditure may be generally classified as under: -

    1. Office expenses including salaries of staff.

    2. Publications.

    3. Legal expenses on prosecution or defence on behalf of the Association and/or its members.

    4. Actual travelling expenses for journeys for Association works.

    5. Expenses on holding meetings and symposia by the Association or in partnership with other Associations.

    6. Contributions towards membership of Regional and All India Bodies of like-minded Associations.

    7. Financial Assistance to distressed members and/or their families from the PSEB Engineers' Welfare Fund.

    8. Any other expenditure as may be approved by the Executive Committee.

The Membership enrolment fees shall be kept apart as reserve fund and shall be utilized only in emergent circumstances after specific sanction of the Executive Committee.

All money received shall be safely deposited in a scheduled Bank in the name of the Association and PSEB Engineers' Association Welfare Fund respectively and shall be operated jointly by Finance Secretary and General Secretary or any other member authorized by the Executive.

The accounts of PSEB Engineers' Association Welfare Fund shall be maintained separately.

The un-audited accounts shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee in half yearly meetings and yearly accounts shall be got audited by an Auditor specifically appointed by the Executive Committee.

An audited statement of Receipts and Expenditure alongwith Balance sheet for each financial year shall be placed by the General Secretary before the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

    1. PSEB Engineers' Welfare Fund

A separate welfare Fund in the name of PSEB Engineers Welfare Fund shall be created for which initial corpus fund of Rs 5 Lac which shall be transferred from PSEB Engineers' Association Account. This fund shall be used to extend financial assistance to its members (including retired members) for meeting of legal expenses to defend any criminal proceedings (except corruption cases) which may be initiated against the members while performing official duties and to compensate members (including retired members) against any financial loss suffered due to their Associations activities. The assistance/quantum shall include compensation

  1. For permanent loss of pay upto a limit of Rs. 30,000/- P.M. upto 6 months which can be extended with the approval of Executive

  2. For legal expenses to meet the expenditure of engaging counsel for the defence of the case provided the same has been denied by the Board & its successor entities. The Counsel Fee shall be restricted as follows:

Actual Fee or Rs.5000/- whichever less for lower/Session Court.

Actual Fee or Rs.25, 000/- whichever less for High Court.

Actual Fee or Rs.35, 000/- whichever less for Supreme Court.

  1. Overhead expenses, which include actual travelling expenses for the defence of the case in the Courts or other incidental expenditure upto a maximum limit of Rs.10000/-.

The assistance from PSEB Engineers' Welfare Fund shall be admissible after the verification of bills/expenditure by the Regional Committee and final approval of President/General Secretary.

  1. PSEB Engineers' Association Home

A five member standing Committee shall be constituted for the overall supervision/control of engineers Home. Every year two members shall be replaced & the way the members will keep on rotating. The Committee shall check the inventory after every 6 months and Report to the executive. They shall be responsible for overall control of Engineers' Home. General Secretary shall be authorized to allow expenditure upto Rs.5000/- at a time and all expenses above the limit shall be incurred with the approval of the Committee & he shall be responsible for day to day operation of Engineers' Home.


The minimum tenure of the executive Committee shall be two years, which can be extended up to 3 years by executive. Election to the executive committee shall be held before the expiry of 3 years term & shall be conducted by a Chief Election Officer (C.E.O.) appointed for this purpose by the Executive Committee. The C.E.O. may be assisted by one or two Election Officers as decided by the Executive.

The C.E.O. shall circulate the election schedule to all Regional Secretaries/ PSEB Engineers' Association website and/or through press notice and invite nominations duly supported by at least 5 members together with the written consent of the nominees, giving at least 15 days notice for the same. The prospective candidate shall file his papers either in the direct category or in the Zonal Category. The nominations shall be scrutinised and a list of valid nominations prepared and displayed at Association office/ PSEB Engineers' Association website giving 2 days for appeals and withdrawals. Incomplete nomination forms shall be rejected out rightly without any notice to the concerned member. Once the Election process starts with the circulation of election schedule, CEO along with election Officers shall be responsible & empowered to take appropriate decision/decisions for free & fair conduct of the elections in accordance with letter & spirit of the constitution".

Thereafter a final list of eligible candidates would be displayed at election/Association Office. Voting through secret ballot shall be held at regional centres after at least 15 days from the last date of withdrawals. Each member can cast one vote in favour of one candidate from Zonal Category and 16 in favour of candidates from direct category. The member shall put a tick (/) against the name of the candidates in favour of which he wants to vote and cross (X) all other entries. The Postal Ballot paper shall be issued by the C.E.O. to members either on written request or to those members posted at remote places and such members shall be required to submit these Ballot papers to C.E.O. in duly sealed envelope before the date of counting of votes. The counting of votes shall be held after a clear gap of a minimum one day from the date of voting and result announced by C.E.O. Objection, if any, will be allowed within 2 days from the date of announcement of result and such objection shall be submitted to the Chief Election Officer, who may order a recount or a re-poll if considered necessary in consultation with the President. Under special circumstances, the Executive Committee may decide to adopt any other election procedure as may be necessary. The General Secretary shall call the meeting of outgoing & newly elected Executive members within 15 days from the date of declaration of results.


The members of the Executive Committee, Regional/Zonal Secretaries, other members appointed by the Executive Committee for specific work and the employees of the Association shall be indemnified by the Association against any loss due to any act done or permitted to be done in the discharge of their duties/function as such.


  1. A member can resign his membership by giving one month's notice in writing, and his resignation may be accepted subject to his having cleared all dues and returned all properties and funds of the Association under his charge

  2. Any member in arrears of Association dues for a period of more than 6 months, may be served with one month's notice for clearing the same failing which his membership shall lapse. He may however, be permitted by the Executive Committee to rejoin the Association after he has cleared all his dues alongwith a re-entry fee Rs.500 only.

  3. Disciplinary Committee

  1. Disciplinary Committee shall Consist of President, General Secretary, Organizing Secretary & two other members (to be nominated by Executive) shall be re9ponsible to look into specific cases of indiscipline among the members. This Committee shall make recommendation to the Executive Committee, which in turn will take final action.

  1. If at any time, any region/Zone feels that any member has willfully violated the directive of the Association or has spoiled the career of some other members due to extraneous consideration, such case may be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee of the Association through General Secretary.

In case the disciplinary Committee feels that some member has violated Association discipline or has damaged Associations’ public image or has hurt the interests of the Association due to his misconduct or misdeeds such member can be placed under suspension from primary membership of the Association after giving him an opportunity to explain his position within 10 days. The Committee may place a member under suspension with immediate effect also if on preliminary investigation it is felt that situation warrant such action.

The Disciplinary Committee shall submit its report to the Executive Committee alongwith its recommendation within one month. The Executive Committee -may impose a fine upto Rs.1000/- and or expel the member from primary membership of the Association. The final decision in this regard be approved by the executive by simple majority. An expelled member can be reinducted into the Association only with the specific approval of 50% of the members of the Executive Committee.


Under extra-ordinary circumstances, the executive may suspend the constitution for a period of not more than 6 months which may be extended upto 2 years after the approval of at least 3/4th of the members of the Executive Committee.

In the event of dissolution of the Association being considered necessary; the Executive Committee shall convene an extra-ordinary meeting with agenda and get the approval at least 3/4th of members present. The assets and liabilities of the Association at the time of dissolution shall be given to some other association or Institution working for the same or similar objects as those of the Society and also enjoy recognition under Section 80-G of Income Tax, 1961 as amended from time to time, as decided by at least 3/4th of members present in extra-ordinary meeting.


All Amendments of the Constitution shall be adopted by two-third majority at a General Meeting of the Association, or through extra-ordinary meeting. The amendments proposed to be considered in such meeting shall be approved by the Executive.