(As Amended on 31.03.2012)

    1. TITLE

The fund shall be called 'PSEB Engineers Benevolent Fund' with its Head Quarter at 45, Ranjit Bagh, Passey Road, Patiala.


The fund shall be a benevolent fund contributed by the Members of the PSEB Engineers' Association for collective and individual benefit of its members and their families. It is based on the principal of mutual help by collective and combined effort and is primarily intended to render maximum financial assistance to the family of such Engineer Officers who may pass away while in service and to render financial assistance to engineers in case of serious illness, injury etc. so as to ensure timely medical treatment. In the event of accidents causing permanent disability, financial help shall also be admissible. In addition to the above, in case any officer or his family members (Wife and dependent children/parents) fall victim to prolonged and serious illness viz. T.B. Cancer, Paralysis, Open Heart Surgery, Kidney transplantation or other cases as decided by the Committee under clause 13 of the constitution, financial assistance in the shape of refundable loan shall be rendered from the above fund.


The fund shall be administered by the PSEB Engineers' benevolent fund committee comprising of the following: -

          1. Chairman The President of the PSEB Engineers' Association shall be chairman of PSEB Engineers' Benevolent Fund.

          2. Vice-Chairman An eminent engineer shall hold the post of vice Chairman as decided by the executive committee of the PSEB Engineers' Association for a maximum period of 3 years.

          3. Secretary/ Benevolent Fund Any Engineer Stationed at Patiala shall be nominated as Secretary Benevolent Fund by the Executive Committee of Engineers Association for a maximum period of 3 years.

          4. Two members General Secy. of PSEB Engineer Association shall be ex-officio member of Committee. Another member can be nominated by Executive Committee of Engineers Association for a maximum period of 3 years.


The term of nominated members including Secretary/Benevolent Fund may be extended for 3 years at a time through a Special resolution of the Executive Committee of the PSEB Engineers' Association.

Total Member shall not exceed five and minimum of three members shall be competent to take decision according to the constitution. The above Committee shall act as Board of Trustees and the benevolent fund shall be deemed as 'Trust Fund'. The nominated members including Secretary Benevolent Fund can be removed before the expiry of the term only by a special resolution of the Executive Committee adopted with the support of minimum 50% of the total strength of the Executive Committee.


The new membership shall be open to life members of PSEB Engineers' Association below the age of 55 years. Life members of PSEB Engineers' Association shall have the option to enroll themselves as member of the benevolent fund within one year from the date of entry in the Engineering Cadre as Assistant Engineer. The membership shall be effective from the date Secretary Benevolent Fund conveys to DDO in writing to deduct monthly subscription from the salary of the officer. However, member shall be responsible to ensure deduction of monthly subscription from his salary & in case of non-receipt of deduction within 3 months from the date of dispatch of letter to DDO by Secretary Benevolent Fund, the membership of such member shall be treated as cancelled for all intents and purposes. He shall remain the member of the benevolent fund till age of retirement. In the event of resignation or expulsion of any member from PSEB Engineers' Association, he shall automatically cease to be a member of the Benevolent Fund from that date and in such case, officer shall be responsible for stoppage of his monthly subscription. Each of the disbursing Officer shall be asked to deduct monthly subscription from the pay in respect of Engineers Officers working over there as per the above guidelines. New member shall apply to Secretary/Benevolent Fund on the Performa given below: -


The Secretary, PSEB Engineers' Benevolent Fund




I am a life member of the PSEB Engineers' Association and is interested to become a member of PSEB Engineers' benevolent fund and I hereby undertake to abide by all the rules and regulations as framed from time to time. My Particulars are as under:

1. Name & Code No. 2. GPF A/c No.

3. Life Membership No. 4. Father's Name

5. Present place of posting 6. Permanent home address

7. Name, relation and address of the nominee 8. Date of birth

9. Date of joining in Engineers officer cadre.


Subscription shall be payable monthly by deduction at source from the monthly salary of the officers concerned at the uniform rate of Rs.250/- per month.

Each member shall himself be responsible to ensure that regular and prescribed subscription has been paid by him. In case the prescribed subscription is not received continuously for 3 months provided salary has been disbursed to him, then his membership for all intent and purposes shall be considered as cancelled and can be renewed at the sole discretion of benevolent fund committee after payment of arrears along with simple interest @ 2% P.M. on the arrears amount due from the date of default. Members going on deputation to some other organization or to other country shall ensure that their benevolent fund subscription is send regularly.

Each disbursing Officer will send a consolidate Cheque/DD payable at Patiala in respect of all the Engineers working his jurisdiction along with their GPF A/c number to the Secretary/PSEB Engineers' benevolent fund within a month of deduction.


        1. Each member shall be allotted benevolent fund account No. which will be same as that of GPF account No.

        2. A ledger shall be maintained by the Secretary benevolent fund committee and posting shall be done every month in respect of contributions received. For this purpose, office staff and other professional if required may be engaged.

        3. Ledger should contain the following information:

i) Name of officer & Code No. ii) Life Membership No.

iii) Benevolent Fund accounts No. iv) Name & relation of the nominee

v) Date of joining benevolent fund vi) Date of joining Eng., officer cadre.


    1. Death of an Officer

An assistance of Rs.7,50,000/-(Rs. Seven lac & Fifty Thousand only) shall be payable immediately after the demise of the member to his /her spouse or to the Children or to the mother/father which constitute family for this purpose. The spouse & in his/her absence, the Children of the deceased member shall be automatic nominee unless the member has specifically instructed the Benevolent Fund Committee not to consider any of them as nominee. Member can nominate his/her spouse as well as Children but he/she shall be required to specify the share of each nominee otherwise in such cases of joint nomination, the assistance amount shall be distributed equally. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Benevolent Fund Committee shall be final. For assistance under this clause, the engineer officer shall be deemed to continue as member of the fund upto two years after actual date of retirement.

    1. Permanent disability

An assistance of Rs.5,00,000/- ( Rs.Five lac only) shall be allowed in case of 100% permanent disability of an officer. In case the permanent disability is less than 100% than assistance shall be given on pro-rata basis. This assistance shall be admissible only to the case of disability occurred during the tenure of his becoming member of this fund. The claim must be lodged within 6 months of occurrence of disability. A certificate from the CMO should be attached with the request for assistance and should be forwarded through Regional Secretary PSEB Engineers Association to the Secretary PSEB benevolent fund, which shall be further, considered by the benevolent fund committee.

    1. Refundable Advance

Interest free refundable advance is admissible for getting treatment of prolonged and serious illness like Cancer, Heart ailment, Kidney Transplantation, T.B., Brain Tumor, Paralysis etc. involving huge expenditure above Rs. 1.00 Lac in order to assist a member to get timely Medical treatment. The amount admissible under normal circumstances shall be half of the expected expenditure for indoor treatment subject to maximum of Rs. 3,00,000/- ( Rs.Three lac only). The actual amount sanctioned shall depend upon expected expenditure involved in treatment. For this purpose a certificate from doctor supported by the Regional Secretary of that area should be sent to the Secy./ PSEB Engineers Benevolent Fund stating type of disease and expected expenditure involved in the treatment. However under some compelling circumstances, benevolent fund committee may grant loan without these documents but the same is required to be submitted within one month positively.

d) Loss of Pay:

Loss of pay due to illness or injury etc. shall be compensated @ basic pay or Rs. 50,000/- P.M.( Rs.Fifty thousand only), whichever is less for a maximum period of Six month which can be further reviewed by the Benevolent Committee on the recommendations of the Executive Committee of the PSEB Engineers' Association.


The quantum of assistance prescribed under clause 7 (a) to 7(d) shall be admissible @ 50% of the amount mentioned under these clauses in case of member joining the fund after attaining the age of 50 years.


      1. Advance as taken above shall be returned by the officer in 25 or more equal installments (subject to maximum of Rs. 10,000/-Per Month) commencing after two months from the date of actual disbursement of the above assistance or actual receipt of monthly salary whichever is later. In case some officer is retiring within next two years of taking loan then monthly installment shall be fixed in order to ensure return of loan before date of retirement.

An undertaking on stamp paper and a post dated Cheque of full amount shall be obtained from the concerned officer regarding return of the loan money before it is actually disbursed to the officer. However, in certain unavoidable or exceptional cases, the Benevolent Fund Committee may allow loan in case the officer is not in a position to sign the undertaking/cheques provided the committee is satisfied regarding return of the advance.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the officer-taking advance to ensure regular payment of monthly installments. In case of any default in payment of installments for continuously for three months, provided the officer has received his salary during this period, the officer and his family shall be deemed to have been debarred from all the benefits available to the member/family under Benevolent Fund Constitution without any notice and the Benevolent Fund Committee shall be authorized to convert the interest free advance into interest bearing Loan from the date of default. An interest @2% per month shall be charged on the amount due from the date of default.

However this shall not debar the committee to take any other legal recourse in order to recover the advance. The monthly subscription after default of repayment of loan money if received, would be adjusted against his outstanding advance.

      1. In case of unfortunate demise of an officer the unpaid portion of the refundable advance, if any shall be written off and full assistance shall be made to the family of the deceased officer provided the officer was making regular repayments of loan as stipulated in Para 'a' above.


Immediately after the mishap the benevolent committee shall hold a meeting and adopt a resolution authorizing the payment and advise the Bank to make payment. No drawls for the purpose for assistance from the benevolent fund shall be made without a resolution from the PSEB Engineers Benevolent Fund committee. Petty drawls for the expenses of the fund i.e. accounting and correspondence etc. not exceeding Rs.1,000- per -month, may however be drawn without resolution.

All payments shall be made by Cheque signed by 2 members of the Benevolent Fund Committee namely Chairman or any member authorized by Executive Committee of PSEB Engineers’ Association and Secretary Benevolent fund.


Detailed accounts of benevolent fund receipts and expenditure shall be published annually and circulated to all the participating members either through PSEB Engineers Association Bulletin or through a newsletter. Contingent expenditure for maintenance of benevolent fund account shall be met from the benevolent fund. The annual accounts shall be got audited from the Auditors appointed by the Executive. However half-yearly un-audited receipt and expenditure statement shall be put up to the Executive Committee.


Amendment to the constitution may be made by a General Body meeting or extra ordinary meeting of the members of PSEB Engineers Association provided such amendment may not be inconsistent with the welfare of Engineers.


The benevolent fund committee shall decide how best to invest the funds on long term deposits.


      1. Assistance to participating members as detailed under para-7(c) above may not cover all eventualities. In exceptional cases not specifically covered under para7(c) financial assistance may also be rendered to members in deserving cases. In such case, the Executive committee of the PSEB, Engineers Association by the resolution may request the Benevolent Fund Committee to sanction any such payment, which it may consider as genuine. The Benevolent Fund Committee thereafter shall consider the matter and authorise such drawl, as it may consider reasonable. Drawls under such circumstances may not exceed Rs. 3,00,000/- ( Rs. Three lac only)

      2. The Benevolent Fund Committee can allow a second refundable advance to a member for undergoing subsequent indoor treatment. But total amount of advance in both cases taken together shall not increase Rs 4,00,000/-.( Rs.Four lac only)

      3. After the expiry of One Year from the date of entry in the Engineering Cadre, an Officer may be enrolled as member of the benevolent fund by the Benevolent Fund Committee on the recommendation of the executive Committee of the Association on such terms & conditions as deemed fit

      4. In case of extra-ordinary circumstances leading to depletion of benevolent fund, the executive committee on the recommendation of benevolent fund committee shall be authorized to collect emergency funds from members as deem fit and such directive shall be mandatory for the members.

    1. At the time of retirement, a member shall be presented a Souvenir/Memento out of Benevolent Fund up to a maximum amount of Rs. 7,500/-.

    2. In case of any dispute regarding interpretation of any clause of the Benevolent Fund Constitution, the decision of the Executive Committee of PSEB Engineers’ Association shall be final.