We welcome you to the Official website of the PSEB Engineers Association.The aim of this website is to provide a common forum for discussion and exchange of views on various problems, technical and administrative working so for as these relate to or affect the Association and its Members with a view to improving proficiency in Public Service.

PSEB Engineers' Association endeavours

  • to promote development of an efficient and modern power system in the state of Punjab having functional parameters matching the world standards,
  • to inculcate the cause of honest working,
  • to strive towards meeting future energy requirements of state,
  • to minimise Transmission & Distribution losses,
  • to promote renewable & green sources of energy and energy conservation,
  • to exhort its members to act as "Public Servants" in letter and spirit and serve the 'Power Customer' with dedication.

To attain these aims

  • it works to build up a cadre of power engineers who have a high morale and long vision by protecting their interests, rights, privileges and enhance their status,
  • it develops a forum for sharing information and views on issues which are of topical interests to the PSEB Power engineering fraternity,
  • it conducts studies, seminars and technical meetings on topics relating to Power System Engineering & Management and apprises the Government and utilities on all these aspects.

PSEB Engineers' Association is an active associate of the All India Power Engineers' Federation, and is in the forefront of the think tank in Power Sector in India.
Its membership comprises of all ranks of PSEB engineers from Assistant Engineer to Engineer-in-Chief.
This website has been developed with an aim to provide a common platform for PSEB Power Engineers fraternity where they could exchange their ideas, share their views and experiences for the betterment of PSEB and Power Industry in general.